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What we are doing

According to geological structure Turkey has the world's richest natural stone reserves. Turkey has a miracle of nature nearly 650 colours and textures Marbles & Travertines. We can produce, shape and bring to your door as you want your product from Turkey. We can supply to you from these natural stones (Marbles & Travertines) with 650 colours and textures. This beauty, which has formed in millions of years, these are waiting for you to touch them, walk on the them and with join them for millions of years of adventure.


How we are doing


Turkey has 4 billion m³ marble and 2.8 billion m³ travertine reserves. We process these natural stones with high quality. We use high quality workmanship and high technology equipment so we cater all your wishes and feelings. We believe that natural stone has a soul and we take great care to all our products.


Why should work with us

You can reach the best quality and most high product range natural stone you can easily with us in Turkey.

We have experienced and exclusive employees in this sector so you will have a good work partner in Turkey.

You can sure we will control your orders every process from production to arrive to you.

Our target is you will not only be a work partner but also a good friend for you.


Long a journey begins with just one step. We're ready to walk together.


370 sokak no:65-3 B. Evler Mah. Karabaglar Izmir/Turkey


+ 90 530 176 0950


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